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Upcoming winter sales have more than doubled year-on-year for Summer sales are up 16% on the time last year, which Sales and Marketing Director Paul Riches has described as “very encouraging”. “This is a great position to be in when you consider what this year has thrown at the industry so far,” he added. Riches believes customers are booking in advance now that the economic and political situation has settled in the UK. “The fact that the whole industry has been pushed into a late sales arena means that we’re in a great position to capitalise on opportunities - and help our agent partners to do so,” said Riches. “The glut of flights which are available in the market means that we’re able to offer agents great value, good quality hotel beds to be matched with these flights. We’re a nimble and fast-acting company, putting us streets ahead of larger, less speedy rivals.” Majorca is the website’s best-selling destination, with Costa Blanca, the Canaries, Turkey and Sharm El Sheikh also in the top list. “People may have stayed away from Spain and its islands in past two years to avoid the euro zone,” explained Riches. “However these destinations (particularly Majorca, Costa Blanca and the Canaries) are the bedrock of the UK holiday industry, they [won’t] stay out of favour for long”. He identified Morocco, Malta, the Algarve and Zante as growing destinations as they had not reached the heights of mass tourism. “This plus the fact that all three are looking to attract different audiences (Malta for spa lovers and families, The Algarve for golfers and couples, and Zante for younger groups and couples) shows that offering differentiated products is still crucial,” added Riches.

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