launches iphone app launches iphone app has launched a Free iphone application that allows users to search for available ferries  from all operators at their chosen port between the UK and France. 
“We are really excited by this new development and happy to again be leading the ferry market into the 21st century,” said spokesperson for ferry experts Kirsty Laifa . “This new find a ferry tool is useful for both leisure and business travellers and could prove an invaluable asset for all iphone users. In these fast moving times it’s imperative that the ferry industry is at the front of developments providing information and services in a way that users want”.  Whilst the application is initially for routes between the UK and France, there are plans to extend this to other routes throughout the UK and to add more functionality in the near future.

 “Ferry travel is clearly having a massive resurgence, has seen an uplift of more than 50% in bookings over peak summer months last year and we’re confident that the this trend will continue as we develop easier and faster ways for travellers to access ferry travel information,” Laifa added.

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