Brits develop taste for adventure

Brits develop taste for adventure has seen a rise in longhaul travel insurance sales as more Brits develop a taste for adventurous holidays. According to data from the insurance company, almost one in four travel policies sold are for long-haul destinations compared to one in five in 2005. Further research found that 23% of people would choose a tropical island for their dream holiday and 14% of respondent’s dream holiday would be a world cruise. Another 14% would like to goo Machu Picchu and a different 14% would go off the beaten track to India or China. “It’s no surprise to see that luxury tops the list of dream destinations for us Brits, but it’s interesting to note that people are becoming more adventurous in their tastes,” explained Travel underwriting Manager Roman Bryl. “Whilst travelling to somewhere exotic like India or Machu Picchu may be a holiday of a lifetime, it is certainly within reach for many UK holidaymakers.” When it came to extreme sports, 23% of people would go white-water rafting, 17% would drive a fast car on a race track and 16% would make a parachute jump.

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