Sabre to integrate telepresence booking into GDS

Sabre to integrate telepresence booking into GDS

Sabre Travel Network has announced it will launch telepresence and video conference booking capability alongside travel bookings next year. The GDS provider has partnered Polycom to introduce the function earlynext year so users can search, compare and book the virtual meetings within the travel booking process.

“Sabre Virtual Meetings will facilitate GDS with public and private room inventory so travel buyers have ease of selection,” explained Greg Webb, president of Sabre in a telepresence conference earlier this week.

Usingthe theme that travel is increasingly becoming a collaborative process, Webb explained that the new function would shift travel agents to collaboration consultants and in turn boost travel experiences.

“There will not be a need to reduce travel, but make better decisions for internal or external meetings and also travel and entertainment decisions,” he added. “We expect an increase in travel as return of investment will be more beneficial. It allows travel agents to maximise corporate spend, display the options and gather more information to make better decisions”.

Sabre Virtual Meetings will also manage timezones and availability and will be launched through its GDS, TMCs, other online booking tools and directly on the internet.

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