Ski companies clash over pricing ads

Ski companies clash over pricing ads pushed its pricing spat with Crystal Ski into the public with a new upfront advert. The tour operator is using an ad which reads “Crystal Ski were so upset about our low prices that they phoned our dad”, after a senior representative at Crystal called the family-run business to complain about its newsletter, which compared prices between the two companies.

In what Directski called a ‘David and Goliath’ moment, the company said that aside from its jokey advertisements, ski holiday prices need to be lowered to boost figures back to the peak 2008 figures.

“It’s a fun campaign, but with a serious, underlying message. In September we sent out an email letting people know that our skiing holidays were on average 15.4% cheaper than Crystal ski, because, well, they were,” said Neal Collins, marketing director at Directski. “On a more serious note the UK and Irish ski industry is currently facing one of the most challenging periods ever and both the Ski Club of GB and Crystal’s own figures claim that up to 25% fewer skiers are now taking ski holidays than when ski holiday figures peaked in 2008. Price is a very strong factor in deterring people from skiing”.

He said the company’s sales have not dropped despite its discounting.

Crystal Ski declined to comment.


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