Response: ‘Serviced apartments cannot work on current GDS model’

Response: ‘Serviced apartments cannot work on current GDS model’

Serviced apartments cannot be successfully sold on current GDS systems due to the personal nature of the sector and its booking process,according to Select Apartments. In response to the Serviced Apartments global report (see TDUK Mon 31/10/11) which claimed that classification and maturity would help the sector on to GDS, Select Apartments believes that an alternative solution to traditional GDS would be needed, with more personal interaction.

“The really crucial serviced apartment availability cannot be found on GDS systems – it is too elusive,” said Adrian England, marketing director, Select Apartments. “The kind of acute availability that is gold-dust in business travel is simply hardly ever going to be actually booked via GDS.  It would have been either sold or closed-out long before it became acute, or even rare”.

With serviced apartment stays often longer than the usual holiday and often used by corporate travellers, the provider has argued that the sector’s rapidly changing availability; clients’ changing circumstances and its personal contact is not suited to an inflexible GDS model.

“Select Apartments believes that the industry should celebrate its diversity as a strength and stop trying to homogenise serviced apartments for the sake of convenience. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. That means we search and negotiate for our clients every time. And if plans change, we fixit,” added England.

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