WTM2011: Kenya Tourism announces UK-inspired campaigns

WTM2011: Kenya Tourism announces UK-inspired campaigns

Kenya Tourist Board has announced it will launch two marketingcampaigns focused on two British inspired events next year. One will focus onthe Olympics and anticipated wins by Kenyan athletes and promotion will focuson the profile and stories of the sportspeople.

The other campaign will bebased around the Queen’s Jubilee and coincides with the re-opening of therefurbished Treetops Hotel, which is where Queen Elizabeth II was staying whenshe was told she was to succeed the throne.

Diving, golf and the diversity of safarioptions will also be a focus for the tourism board, which told Travel Daily ithas not seen holidaymakers cancel holidays to the destination since thekidnappings in Lamu.

“Pre-booked holidays are still going ahead although somepeople have changed hotels,” said a spokesperson. “The concern is that Kenyawill be crossed off the list in the future”.

The country remains opens forbusiness aside from the 150km around Lamu but tourism companies across theregion have been affected. Kenya’s tourism minister met with other ministers atWorld Travel Market yesterday to signify a unified front and discuss howministers can work together in tackling the Somali pirates.

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