American employs Kevin Spacey for UK ads

American employs Kevin Spacey for UK ads

Kevin Spacey has been hired by American Airlines to star in its new UK advertising campaign. The ‘American Beauty’ and ‘The Usual Suspects’ star will play three roles in a 60-second advert, titled ‘The Individual’, appearing on ITV on 12 November at 6.05pm.

Filmed in Los Angeles, the ad sees Spacey cast as himself and two other characters – a creative screen writer and a family man – with the three coming together end of the film. The advert was directed by Chris Palmer.

“Kevin Spacey really nailed the characters, as you’d expect. I can’t imagine any other living actor who could have transformed into such diverse and believable characters. It was weird shooting with him as a totally different character each day. The crew didn’t recognise him when he came on set, even on the third day. You completely forgot it was Kevin Spacey in there. In fact, it was a bit of shock to see him as himself on day four,” Palmer said.

The campaign will be complemented by a series of other 20-second ads showcasing American’s in-flight meals, check-in options and technology.

Maria Sebastian, American’s vice president of sales & marketing for the EMEA region, said; “We believe that this new campaign is an exciting development for American Airlines as we have Kevin Spacey creating a number of unique characters purely for our campaign. It’s interesting and engaging – but crucially, it also conveys our service ethos, treating discerning customers as individuals.”

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