Ancillary, FFP and women priority to airlines

Ancillary, FFP and women priority to airlines

Ancillary services, frequent flyer programmes and women travellers will be the topicsat the forefront of an airline conference next week. The Airline Profitability and Merchandising Conference’s ‘Mega Event 2011’, which will be held in Miami from 29-30 November, will discuss how these elements can help carriers sustain loyalty and profitability while fuel prices continue to increase and the economy growth slows.

Women have been identified as a particular marketing sector by the conference’s organisers due to their leisure decision making position andincrease in the business sector.

“As women make up an increasing percentage of the working population, they are rising to positions that involve more travel.  The need to evolve the historical image of a business traveller from that of a 45 year old man, to one including an increasing number of women is critical,” says Madeleine Anderson, chair of marketing to Women Travelers Conference and director of Company Evolution.

Each areawill be split into its own mini conference with speakers lined up from Amadeusand Ryanair.     

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