CAA to be given power to fine under-performing airports

CAA to be given power to fine under-performing airports

The Civil Aviation Authority will be given powers to fineunder-performing airports under a new bill set by Transport Secretary JustineGreening. A draft Civil Aviation Bill shows that larger airports will be filedunder a new licensing system and could fine airports up to 10% of theirturnover.

“By and large passengers give good feedback about airports, but theyalso say they want things like more seating, better information and additionalbaggage carousels at busy times,” Greening said in the statement. “These areexactly the matters that the CAA will be able to address more effectively”. Themeasures have been announced following calls to increase capacity in London’sairports.

A spokesperson from Virgin Atlantic said the airline was pleased thebill would focus on a better service for passengers.

“Reform is long overdue – the current regulatoryregime has failed passengers. Airport charges have been allowed to increase wayabove the rate of inflation, hitting passenger pockets and completely ignoringthe economic climate. Last winter’s snow showed that the performance ofairports had not improved at the same rate,” its statement explained.

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