Further Dreamliner delays present risks for Air NZ

Further Dreamliner delays present risks for Air NZ

Air New Zealand fears further delays to the delivery of the stretched Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which will inflict heightened business risks on the airline.

The first 787-9 aircraft out of eight ordered by Air New Zealand is currently scheduled for delivery by the end of 2013, after a three-year delay. Chief Executive Rob Fyfe, however, fears Air NZ wont receive the aircraft until mid-2014. “We’re not optimistic the aircraft is going to arrive on that date. We still think there’s quite a high risk of further delays,” he told Market Wire.

Fyfe also expressed concerns over the impact delays are having on the airline. Fyfe explained that some routes are only profitable if operated by this particular aircraft and by holding off on launching these flights, opportunities are left open to competitors.
“The strategic risks are very high. We haven’t been able to fully adjust our fleet to reflect the delays in the Dreamliner. So we have less aircraft in our fleet today and that’s restricted some of our expansion,” he said.

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