Maldives reveals new tourism branding

Maldives reveals new tourism branding

The Maldives has unveiled its new tourism slogan and logo. Following a year-long consultation and design process, the new slogan, ‘Maldives – Always Natural’, is accompanied by a fish-inspired logo which aims to highlight the country’s natural environment.

“The slogan and logo are designed to underscore the outstanding natural beauty of the Maldives, which tourists from all segments of the market consistently rate as one of their main reasons for visiting the country,” said the Chair of the Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC), Thoyyib Mohamed.

The slogan and logo’s environmental theme is also designed to support the Maldives’ fishing industry, which is the country’s second biggest industry after tourism.

The new branding was designed by QUO, the Bangkok-based company formerly known as Keen Media.

David Keen, CEO of QUO said; “We have created a brand that stands for the Maldivian people, for tourism and for all of industry. The slogan ‘Always Natural’ talks to the people of the Maldives, to sustainability and to the ultimate tourism experience. The logo has been hand-crafted to define the natural elements of the country formed in a thumb print.”

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