Air China and Abacus deepen partnership

Air China and Abacus deepen partnership

Air China has signed a deal with Abacus International to upgrade their reservation inventory participation system and conduct a three-year joint marketing programme.

The airline has upgraded to Abacus’ Direct Connect Availability (DCA), which enables travel agents to compare rates and availability directly from its in-house systems. It will also give Air China control over of point of sale quota allocation by deciding which flights can be processed. This will help the airline to adjust the supply and demand for seats to better cater to travellers’ demand patterns.

Ho Hoong Mau, Division Head of Airline Distribution of Abacus International, said; “Air China can now better optimise its revenue generation for maximum yields and reach in Asia, and agents have instant access to what’s available. It also paves the way for Air China to explore tapping Origin/Destination (OD) business by using Abacus’ suites of revenue optimisation products like Abacus Married Segments.”

In addition to the upgrade to Abacus DCA, Air China and Abacus International agreed on a landmark three-year marketing programme that will allow for greater growth by Air China across the region. Under the programme, both Abacus and Air China will work closely together in expansion efforts for the airline through the Abacus network. This will allow for more revenue maximisation opportunities through the Abacus system as well as greater reach for its agents.

In addition to more co-operation opportunities and strategic leverage by the partnership, Air China can offer increased fare promotions through the Abacus FareX system.

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