Airlines adopt Sabre solution to further ancillary revenues

Airlines adopt Sabre solution to further ancillary revenues

Three international airlines are following in the footsteps of Air New Zealand by adopting Sabre solutions in order to increase ancillary revenues.

Earlier this year, Air New Zealand was the first airline to use Sabre’s Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) solution, to enable travel agents to shop, book and ticket the airlines’ ancillary products through the Sabre global distribution system (GDS). Travel agents can now help the airline market and sell pre-paid bags to travellers.

Now, Alitalia and Finnair will leverage the same technology to enhance their ancillary revenue streams. Additionally, South African Airways will offer ancillary products via EMD and has also signed to distribute its branded fares through the Sabre GDS.

Sabre’s merchandising technology enables airlines and travel agents to sell any ancillary product or service using an automated process that is fully integrated into travel agents’ workflow, allowing them to quickly and efficiently serve travellers.
In addition to helping airlines quickly bring new products and services to the marketplace, the use of industry-developed technology standards by ATPCO, IATA and ARC also allows travel agents to easily market and sell airlines’ offerings by efficiently managing the increasingly complex world of comparison shopping.

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