New7Wonders launches cities campaign

New7Wonders launches cities campaign

New7Wonders has announced the launch of New7Wonders Cities – its third global voting campaign. Following the man-made New 7 Wonders of the World and the New7Wonders of Nature campaigns, which have attracted billions of online votes, the not-for-profit company is now aiming to find the world’s seven best cities.

Bernard Weber, Founder & President of New7Wonders, commented; “The world is currently experiencing a mass urbanisation. For the first time in history, a majority of the global population now lives in cities. From the great historical cities of Jerusalem, Venice and Kyoto, to the alpha world cities of London, Paris, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai, urban living has enriched human society. Meanwhile, many newer metropolitan areas, from Dubai to Seoul to Cape Town to Sao Paulo, have become magnets for millions of people looking to make their fortunes, and megacities that most of the world is not even aware of are sprouting across Asia and Africa.

“Given these dramatic developments, New7Wonders Cities will become a catalyst for discussing everything from urban planning to metropolitan governance, from tourism to architecture. This campaign is going to be very much in touch with the Zeitgeist and I am very excited about its potential to generate energy and ideas,” he added.

Nominations can be submitted online at up to 31 December 2011, with the participating cities being announced on 1 January 2012.

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