AirAsia launches loyalty scheme

AirAsia launches loyalty scheme

AirAsia has launched a new loyalty programme, allowing members to earn points when travelling and shopping, and to redeem points for flight seats.

The programme, called BIG, enables members to earn loyalty points called ‘BIGGIES’ when shopping with  programme partners including AirAsia and the Tune Group of Companies. Other partners include Indosat in Indonesia and CentralWorld in Thailand.

Membership is borderless and open to anyone aged two years and above. Each member is issued with a card carrying the cardholder’s name and membership number.

AirAsia Group CEO and Tune Group co-founder, Dr Tony Fernandes said; “The BIG launch… is a major breakthrough as we seek to reward our loyal guests and customers. BIG has certainly given a new definition to frequent flying and loyalty programmes as we know them. Merchants and partners should view BIG as an extended marketing and loyalty arm in further growing the businesses and market shares.

“The greatest feature of BIG is the redemption of flight seats. However, AirAsia and our other related businesses are just some of BIG’s participating merchants and partners. Members can look forward to a whole new world of rewards and benefits when they shop using their BIG card. It’s about turning your everyday lifestyle spending into rewards and before you know it, you are ready to fly to your dream destination,” Fernandes added.

The BIG loyalty programme is managed by Think Big Digital Sdn Bhd, a 50-50 joint-venture between the AirAsia and Tune Money, the financial services arm of the Tune Group.

Tune Money CEO Peter Miller said; “We have termed our target market for BIG as the ‘young at heart’ who would like to fly for free. Essentially, a card for the now majority of consumers who are comfortable transacting online such as booking AirAsia flights and would like the opportunity to earn free flights and more from their online and other transactions.”

Members can start redeeming from as low as 400 BIGGIES. Those with insufficient points have the option of topping up with cash.

Pic caption: Peter Miller, CEO, Tune Money, and Dr Tony Fernandes Group CEO, AirAsia and co-founder, Tune Group, and Johan Aris, CEO, BIG.

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