Cebu must focus on infrastructure

Cebu must focus on infrastructure

One of Cebu’s many colonial monuments, Fort San Pedro.

If Cebu, Philippines, is to achieve its tourism objectives, commentators insist more attention must be given to infrastructure development in the region.

First Vice President and Chief Market Strategist of Banco de Oro Universal Bank, Jonas Ravelas, told the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation; “Cebu needs to have a more viable infrastructure roadmap that must be implemented immediately to sustain the steady growth of the province’s tourism industry, otherwise it will lose its potentials to other destinations in the Philippines and in Asia.”

This goes well beyond major airport projects, he said, down to street level because for tourists, “it’s the little things that count”. Streets need improvement, sidewalks need to be widened and markets must be made cleaner and safer. Cebu has insufficient facilities to accommodate even one million tourists per year, and it is up to the public and private sector to cooperate on development.

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