SIA launches new budget airline Scoot

SIA launches new budget airline Scoot

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has officially launched its new long-haul low-cost carrier, Scoot. Set to begin commercial services in mid-2012, Scoot will initially operate a fleet of four Boeing 777-200 aircraft purchased from SIA, providing low-cost services on medium- to long-haul routes to and from Singapore’s Changi Airport’s Terminal 2. The new LCC will managed and run independently from SIA, and already operates from separate offices.

Scoot’s Chief Executive Officer, Campbell Wilson explained the decision behind the new LCC’s name.

“We chose the name ‘Scoot’ for many reasons, not least because it’s different,” said Wilson. “Rather than the tried and tired ‘airlines’ this, ‘airways’ that or ‘air’ yawn, it’s short, sharp and snappy. It stands out. It’s geographically independent, and can be a verb or a noun. Besides difference, it conveys spontaneity, movement, informality and a touch of quirkiness – all attributes we intend this company to be known for.

“These attributes will be personified in a unique spirit that encapsulates our values and style, and that should be apparent to guests whenever they interact with us,” he added.

Scoot claims that it will offer airfares up to 40% less than those of legacy carriers. The airline will offer two cabin classes, while in-flight meals, preferred seats and baggage, amongst other items, will all be available at a charge. Specific seats types, cabin features and other in-flight offerings are still being evaluated.

The airline’s first-year destinations will include hubs in Australasia and China, with specific cities being announced over the coming months. Following this regional launch, Scoot will then look to expand further afield, with destinations expected to include India, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Flights will open for booking in the early part of 2012.

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