Automated check-ins and mobile devices drive travel technology

Automated check-ins and mobile devices drive travel technology

A new report from Amadeus puts automated airport check-in and mobile technology at the forefront of industry development. An interactive poll conducted by Amadeus revealed that Asia Pacific’s travel professionals continue to regard technology as a key driver of business performance.

The survey revealed that the introduction of automated airport check-in processes will be the next big thing to change the travel industry. Some airlines have already identified this trend and are making key infrastructure investments to manage surging passenger numbers more efficiently and to deliver better services to travellers.

Mobile technology will play an important role in this context and technology development in general. David Brett, President of Amadeus Asia Pacific said; “Asia Pacific is leading air travel growth globally and has emerged as the world’s second largest travel market overall, surpassing even the United States in terms of passenger volume. To continue enabling this rate of development, we’ve seen the full spectrum of industry stakeholders rapidly adopting new technologies – and mobile is one of the foremost among these. In Asia Pacific, there are approximately 2.6 billion mobile phone users, creating huge opportunities for agencies and airlines to use this channel to enhance the entire traveller journey.”

The survey found that more than 60% of respondents are planning to use technology to get ahead in the market. Meanwhile 64% believe that technology plays an integral role in increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

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