One-in-four travellers takes liquids through airports

One-in-four travellers takes liquids through airports

More than a quarter of travellers of travellers have ‘smuggled’ liquids past airport security, according to a recent survey by Skyscanner. In a poll of almost 1,000 people, 28% said they had taken liquids through airport security, either accidentally or in full knowledge they were breaking the law.

In addition, 42% believe the current legislation is too restrictive, with 18% complaining that different airports have different rules. Only 2% believed the legislation did not go far enough.

Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner’s Travel Editor, commented; “The ‘100ml rule’ for liquids is certainly one of the more annoying aspects of flying so it’s perhaps not surprising to hear that so many people have taken ‘illegal’ amounts of liquids through security, however the fact that a proportion of travellers have done this intentionally and got away with it is more of a concern.

“It’s important to remember that these restrictions are in place for a reason, however, most travellers would welcome the solution of more sophisticated security technology that might allow the restrictions to be relaxed or repealed altogether,” he added.

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