TUI defends all-inclusive product

TUI defends all-inclusive product

Some are concerned all-inclusive guests do not venture from the pool.

TUI has defended its all-inclusive offering and impact on communities by saying comment around the issue is ‘exaggerated’.

Speaking at a panel session last week, David Burling, managing director of TUI UK & Ireland said it was aware of the concerns and had commenced its own research into the impact its all-inclusive hotels have on the environment and community. He attempted to shift any ‘misconceptions’ of the all-inclusive package in relation to excursions and visiting the local area (or lack of).

“A misconception of all-inclusive is that our customers don’t take excursions but they do venture out. There is enough value in all-inclusive that they can afford to go out too,” he explained. “The comment [around the all-inclusive model] is exaggerated and all-inclusive is bigger where the amenities aren’t. cafes and bars in resorts have evolved constantly without all-inclusive”.

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