‘Amadeus Offers’ launched in Qatar

‘Amadeus Offers’ launched in Qatar

Amadeus announced the launch of ‘Amadeus Offers’ in the Qatar market. The solution streamlines demand management allowing travel agents to increase productivity and revenues, enhance customer satisfaction and optimise operations management.

The solution ensures business intelligence that is beneficial to both customers and the company. This is achieved through a combination of technology and an integrated functionality that facilitates travel agents to propose, store and exchange travel proposals with travellers via a central, cross-channel facility.

Wafiq al Wahidi, general manager, Amadeus Qatar, said: “Today’s competitive environment makes it imperative for travel agents to be more creative in the way they conduct business to stay ahead of the game. ‘Amadeus Offers’ boasts a complete suite of efficiency solutions.”

The new solution is aimed at business and leisure travel agencies, as well as corporations and Travel Management Companies (TMC).

The automated processes of Amadeus Offers reduce time spent on trip management by as much as 60%. Amadeus Offers for air and hotel content can currently be used with all versions of Amadeus Cryptic and Amadeus Selling Platform command page. Integration with web services, Amadeus e-Travel Management and CheckMyTrip will follow over the next year to provide full cross channel consistency.

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