STC, Saudia Private Airline ink agreement for ‘Tamayouz’ customers

STC, Saudia Private Airline ink agreement for ‘Tamayouz’ customers

In an effort to enhance services and increase priorities offered to ‘Tamayouz’ customers, STC and Saudia’s private airline (SPA) have recently inked an agreement to offer special services exclusively for ‘Tamayouz’ customers.

The agreement stipulates SPA providing special exclusive services to ‘Tamayouz’ customers, as well as equipping private lounges inside King Abdulaziz private airport, and soon at King Khalid Airport in Riyadh and King Fahd Airport in Dammam. Specially trained and highly qualified staff has been assigned to provide services to the customers through the Concierge Service Center.

SPA is an international standard airline, set up by Saudia in 2009, serving elite number of VIPs, celebrities and businessmen from around the world, as well as major local and international companies.

The Concierge Centre offers, through the free 920003000 call center, free travel and tourism services for ‘Tamayouz’ customers inside and outside the kingdom. In addition, the program signed an agreement recently with Saudia’s Saudi World Program, which offers various tourism packages around the world, as well as confirmed seats on all Saudia destinations, making Concierge Service an embodiment of the company’s appreciation for ‘Tamayouz’ customers, in line with STC’s strategy.

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