London ‘to be only Olympics benefactor’

London ‘to be only Olympics benefactor’

Some may say the results confirm what many already knew but London is set to be the only benefactor of the Jubilee and Olympics boost, according to new figures from travel website Gogobot.

According to the site’s user sharing habits, 72% of tourists visiting the UK this summer will be focused on London, while 16% of its users have shared content for Edinburgh, set to be the second benefactor.

However some may argue this has always been the case, with recent figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showing London always takes the bulk of international tourists, followed by Edinburgh (which receives £538m a year), Manchester (£524m) and Birmingham (£344m).

“The UK is in danger of missing a trick unless it does more to publicise areas beyond the capital. One in five people on Facebook today have a friend using Gogobot, and while activity on our site around the UK has risen dramatically over the last few months, we’re only seeing this happen in London” said Travis Katz, CEO and founder of Gogobot. “Potentially there’s over £1 billion of extra tourist income up for grabs in 2012. It’s the perfect opportunity for places around Britain to show the world what they have to offer”.

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