Revamped Aqaba tourist centre to draw more visitors

Revamped Aqaba tourist centre to draw more visitors

The newly renovated Tourism Information Centre (TIC) in downtown Aqaba, inaugurated last week, is expected to draw more visitors to the facility and to the port city, a local tourism official said.

The TIC, established by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) in 2005 and reopened recently after renovation, attracted tens of thousands of visitors over the past six years, according to Thelma Radwan from ASEZA ‘s tourism department.

The new face of the TIC, as reported by Jordan Times, is expected to attract more visitors to the facility, which provides information about attractions, guided tours and other matters of concern to tourists, she added.

Tourists will now spend more time within the facility watching movies, browsing brochures and enjoying the centre’s garden, she said, noting that the TIC provides visitors with unique services and information and enriches their experience of the city and the Kingdom.

USAID provided financial and technical support to the TIC’s renovation and modernisation project, said Nujoud Serhan, project management specialist at USAID’s economic growth programme.

Outgoing tourism minister Nayef Al Fayez, ASEZA chief commissioner Naser Madadha, and USAID Mission Director Beth Paige attended the inauguration, along with several officials and Aqaba residents.

In 2011, British tourists were the most frequent visitors to the TIC, with some 2,500 using the centre, followed by 1,645 Germans, 1,642 French, 974 Belgians and around 900 Jordanians, ASEZA said.

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