JW Marriott Marquis Dubai to re-invent recruitment

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai to re-invent recruitment

The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai due to open later this year, has announced plans to launch an innovative new web portal that will host unique and interactive content whilst seeking to attract unique talent in the global marketplace.

The hotel is looking to recruit for the propertys launch in Q4 of this year and is integrating fully digital process, embracing the innovation.

Supported by existing social media channels belonging to its parent company Marriott International, as well as the applicants themselves, the new portal will seek to identify and target potential recruits from outside the hospitality sector.

Entitled ‘Transformation’, the initiative reflects the fact the property itself is transforming the business hotel proposition and, on a more micro level, is offering individuals the opportunity to ‘transform’ their lives by offering them a unique window to join the hospitality industry.

Moving further the hotel is will create a series of new roles that have not been seen before in the industry. For example, an editor working in the declining newspaper industry may find salvation in the form of becoming the property’s ‘storyteller-in-residence’, communicating with guests through a variety of on- and off-line channels. The web portal will focus on four ‘star roles’ which will specifically be aimed at those with non-hospitality experience and which won’t resemble ‘traditional’ hospitality jobs – a radically different approach compared to the hotel’s competitive set.

Opening its doors to guests in Q4 of this year, the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai will open in two phases, with the first section featuring 804 rooms and numerous restaurants and lounges.

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