Thirsty Thursday Survey

Thirsty Thursday Survey

Dear Industry friends,

We would like to get your view on our Thirsty Thursday event held monthly in Dubai. Two lucky entrants will get a special prize at the next Thirsty Thursday event scheduled for September 27th, 2012 at Double Decker, Al Murooj Rotana. Kindly participate and encourage your friends and colleagues too…









Do you find the Thirsty Thursday Event useful for networking?


Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree

Not Sure



How often do you think the event should be held?



What time would suit you for the event to start?



How important is the location of the event?



How do you travel to Thirsty Thursday?



Please Tell us which locations suit you the best? (tick as many as you wish)



Which of these would you like to see at a Thirsty Thursday Event? (tick as many as you wish)



Rank in order of importance what matters most to you at the Thirsty Thursday Event :

Networking Opportunities

Sponsor Information

Food & Drink

Competitions & Prizes

Location / Venue

Timings of event

Other – (please specify below)



Do you like the Thirsty Thursday Event being held on a Thursday or would another evening suit you better



Which trade event(s) would you like Travel Daily Middle East to conduct once a quarter?



Do you have any suggestions of ways we can improve the Thirsty Thursday event for you?

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