Antarctica sightseeing flights from NZ

Antarctica sightseeing flights from NZ

The aircraft will fly 200 feet above the Antarctic
The aircraft will fly 200 feet above the Antarctic

Antarctica Sightseeing Flights is now offering day-trips from New Zealand.

The company, which has already carried more than 31,000 passengers on 110 sightseeing flights from Australia over the past 18 years, will introduce its first day tour from New Zealand on 3 February 2013, using a Boeing 747-400ER aircraft chartered from Qantas.

“New Zealanders are adventurers and pioneered sightseeing flights to Antarctica,” said Phil Asker, the company’s founder & Director. “Since 1994, we have… carried over 1,000 New Zealanders on our sightseeing flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Now we are offering our first flight from New Zealand.”

The B747 will fly in figure-eight patterns above the ice and Antarctic experts will be onboard to provide commentary about the terrain. The flight from Auckland will accommodate 364 passengers, descending to 2,000 feet (610m) above the highest terrain.

In addition to the Auckland service, Antarctica Sightseeing Flights will offer five departures from Australia this summer, beginning with the signature New Year’s Eve flight from Melbourne, followed by an Adelaide flight on 20 January, Perth on 26 January, Sydney on 10 February and Melbourne on 17 February.

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