Flight rating system launches

Flight rating system launches

Metasearch engine Momondo has introduced a flight rating system taking cost and convenience into account.

The system has been installed to help the website users move past looking for cheap flights and also looks at the layover to see if best for the holidaymaker. Those searching on the site are able to edit their search results and each flight is scored with a smiley face covering cheapest, best and quickest.

“Flight search engines scan the web and present the massive amount of flight information in a long list for the traveler to trawl through in hope of finding the right flight. Typically they also add some filtering options, but this isn’t very innovative. We have been working hard on our next generation of metasearch, and our new rating technology turns raw information into knowledge and insight,” said Martin Lumbye, partner at Momondo.

“Price is important, but not the only factor. The rating system helps consumers to save time and money – not only the time used for travel, but also the time used on finding the right flight to book,” he added.

The new ratings system is part of a redesign for Momondo’s website and mobile site. 

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