Dallas tourism aims to boost on TV success

Dallas tourism aims to boost on TV success

Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau (DCVB) is to build on the success of its namesake television programme to relaunch its brand later this year.

The US tourist board has been thrilled at the response to the return of Dallas, which ended with 12 million viewers in the U.S. on its final episode and has seen 2.9m tune in in the UK. With the city seeing a 22% boost in international visitors last year, with 1m of these from the UK, DCVB is hoping the younger, sexier television show will see a further increase in the following years.

This will not only come from the increased exposure but the product boost and more authentic tour operator programmes in place, while the weak economy has also helped its cause.

“The economic situation in the UK has helped us in a way because people who may have been looking to take that dream holiday this year have instead turned to the States as its cheaper [with the exchanage rate],” David Krupinski, director of tourism for DCVB told Travel Daily. “Those who have already done New York, California and Florida are looking for somewhere different and Dallas has that. Lots of Brits come to the city for tax-free shopping but our culture is also quite unique.”

The tourism board will use this culturyal cosmopolitan side with its history and ‘Texicana’ for its brand refresh. Due to launch in late October, the brand will be released as new parks and luxury hotels open up in the city.

Phillip Jones CEO of DCVB said the city has undergone a USD16 billion transformation in the last five years and hoped it had been reflected in Dallas.

“The series was shot on location so it is showing off the new buildings and what Dallas is now,” he explaied. “We work close with the producers and team to showcase the city.”

Meanwhile, Krupinski said the tourism board will continue to work with the Texan state tourist board on reaching the travel trade, with a new campaign to launch later this year. It is also keeping an eye on Brand USA for future potential involvement, with Krupinski welcoming the news BA became a partner to the campaign this week.

More specifically in the airline market DCVB is keen to see the developments within partner carrier American Airlines as it moves out of bankruptcy. It was suggested that while AA will only merge if it has to, any new development at the airline will “really focus on service” and will see it come out a stronger airline on the other side.
Looking ahead DCVB has a new airport-to-city-centre rail link to launch in 2014 which will cost just USD2 and allow travellers to avoid its 15 lane-wide highway. A second series of Dallas has been confirmed and rumours of a third will also pave the way for more interest in the city.

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