Grenada leverages Olympics win

Grenada leverages Olympics win

Grenada is using James' Olympic spirit for the campaign

Grenada Board of Tourism is using the Olympics success of Kirani James to launch a new campaign. 

The tourism authority is keen to use the images of James and Oscar Pistorius from the games to promote the nation’s humble spirit and welcoming atmosphere.

Its online campaign will include a ‘Quote of the Day’ through social medial an island tour of Kirani’s highlights and videos of Kirani’s return to the island.

“Since Kirani James’ Gold Medal Olympic win and his highly publicised gesture of goodwill toward fellow competitor Oscar Pistorius have elicited such an emotional response from people around the world, we have initiated a campaign to capitalise on the awareness built for Grenada as a result,” said Dr. George Vincent, minister of tourism, civil aviation and culture for Grenada. 

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