IATA urges Korea to cut airport fees

IATA urges Korea to cut airport fees

Incheon International Aiprort
Incheon International Airport

IATA has praised South Korea’s aviation infrastructure, but said the country should lower its landing fees to boost demand from airlines.

The airline association’s Director General & CEO, Tony Tyler, cited a temporary 10% reduction in fees at Seoul’s main international gateway, Incheon airport, between 2008 and 2010, and said the country would benefit from a similar move today.

“Whether it be decisions on charges, construction or airport privatisation, it is critical that Korea’s competitiveness be the guiding factor. You have created a great competitive advantage with the excellent facilities at Incheon which are competitively priced. Don’t lose that advantage,” said Tyler.

On the whole however, Tyler praised Incheon, noting that the airport is “profitable and enjoys a great reputation”. “The continuous challenge is to make Incheon even better,” he added.

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