Major corporations tackle human slavery

Major corporations tackle human slavery

A group of international corporations, including the some of the travel industry’s major names, are banding together to end human trafficking and all forms of modern day slavery.

According to the International Labor Organization, there are nearly 21 million slaves in the world today.

ManpowerGroup, NXP, ExxonMobil, The Coca-Cola Company, Carlson, Delta Air Lines, LexisNexis, Microsoft, and Travelport, have jointly founded The Global Business Coalition Against Human Trafficking (gBCAT) which seeks to tackle human trafficking by capitalising on the organisational strengths, resources, and reach of global businesses.   

gBCAT members are committed to assisting in the eradication of trafficking in supply chains where forced labor may unknowingly be present.

Another area of focus is sex trafficking, with a particular emphasis on the commercial sexual exploitation of children, most notably in the travel and tourism industry.

Global businesses that demonstrate a similar commitment are invited and encouraged to join gBCAT.

The organisation is a thought leaders’ forum to develop and share best practices for addressing the vulnerability of businesses to human trafficking in their operations.

gBCAT will pursue such initiatives as training modules for employees, general awareness-raising among consumers, suppliers and partners, best-practice sharing with other companies and assistance for other companies that wish to engage in this issue.

gBCAT members will also continue their collaboration with governments, NGOs and other members of civil society to work towards the cross-sector solutions necessary to fight all forms of modern slavery.

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