TWU causes more problems for Qantas

TWU causes more problems for Qantas

Australia’s Transport Workers Union (TWU) is again making noise, this time over the partnership forged between Qantas and Emirates.

The powerful union has lodged a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), questioning whether the deal is really in the national interest. 

This is another episode in the long-running outsourcing row between the airline and the union, with TWU accusing Qantas of trying to “cannibalise” the national carrier.  It complains that catering jobs have already been lost, and core business routes handed over under the Emirates deal.

“Coupled with the existing management’s failed strategy, the alliance as it stands threatens the future viability of Qantas as an Australian company,” said Tony Sheldon, national secretary of the TWU.

TWU also accused Qantas management of shifting Jetstar costs onto the Qantas books, preferentially modernising the Jetstar fleet, and cutting back on Qantas routes.

 “Coming off the back of a campaign from senior Qantas management to target their own loyal workforce through international and domestic outsourcing as well as the promotion of Jetstar to the detriment of Qantas, it is imperative that this alliance must not be simply waived through by the ACCC.”

“The ACCC must not pass up the opportunity to hold Qantas management to account and in doing so, secure the future of Australian aviation for the benefit and safety of all Australians,” he said.


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