Jiangwan Village seeks top tourism rating

Jiangwan Village seeks top tourism rating

Restoration of the Jiangwan Village is moving ahead at a steady pace in Jiangwan Scenic Area, north-eastern Jiangxi province, China.

Jiangwan Village, north-eastern Jiangxi province, China

The Hui-style ancient buildings and ecology of the surrounding area are being restored to the way they were one hundred years ago. Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism is leading the project in a bid to attain a 5A-class Scenic Area Rating from China’s National Tourism Administration.

All the buildings and other facilities have been upgraded or modified as per the rules for obtaining the 5A rating, including new tourist centres, ecological parking lots, maintenance procedures for the ancient village and the landscape surrounding the exit from the highway.

Meanwhile, the support structure has also been upgraded and optimised, including an e-commerce website, as well as the management system and training of the employees. 

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