Varanasi hosts 2nd international Buddhist conclave

Varanasi hosts 2nd international Buddhist conclave

The second international Buddhist conclave will commence tomorrow (29 September) at Varanasi. The conclave is being held with a view to showcase and project the Buddhist heritage of India. The conclave will see 130 overseas guests including Buddhist scholars, tour operators and media representatives from 30 countries.

Varanasi will host the 2nd International Buddhist Conclave

“The Conclave is an important tourism marketing event designed to bring together international buyers from around the world particularly from the popular Buddhist destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China etc. together, to interact, promote and sell, with the objective of increasing tourist arrivals to India and specifically to the Buddhist sites in different states,” a PIB release stated.

Buddhist sites in India include Bodhgaya, Nalanda, Rajgir and Vaishali in Bihar, Sarnath and Sravasti in Uttar Pradesh, Ajanta & Ellora in Maharashtra, Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh, Amaravati & Nagarjuna Konda in Andhra Pradesh and many more

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