‘Four runways could be placed west of Heathrow’: report

‘Four runways could be placed west of Heathrow’: report

A new independent report into the UK’s aviation policy has supported suggestions to place four runways west of Heathrow to help airport capacity.

The report, named ‘Bigger and Quieter: The right answer for aviation’ from Policy Exchange has said runways should be built off the current site to double capacity to 130 million, or a four-runway airport at Luton would be “the next best option”.

Its proposal would reuse existing terminals and criticised the Thames Estuary airport for being “too hard to get to for too many people”. The report also rules out a Heathwick connection and four-runway airport at Gatwick and Stansted as the capacity solution.

The report continues to say moving the airport further west means aircraft will be higher over London and therefore reducing the noise over the city. It also called for a ban on night time flights between 11pm and 6.15am with a ban on noisy aircraft altogether.

The British Air Transport Association (BATA) said the report was “interesting” in its approach, while BAR UK praised the ‘radical’ approach.

“They appear to offer far more of a clean sheet approach than we have seen from other quarters and that is to be welcomed. The Government should certainly include these proposals as part of the independent Davis Commission report,” said Mike Carrivick, chief executive of BAR UK.

“Whilst many aspects may not prove to be practical, the fresh thinking is a tonic to the ‘do nothing’ approach of the Government. The report addresses the urgent need for additional hub airport capacity to avoid stagnation of a vital industry at a critical time.”

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