Travelling giraffe keeps its head down

Travelling giraffe keeps its head down

A giraffe in China has been taught how to duck under low bridges and electric cables while being transported to its new home.

According to Orange News, zookeepers in Linyi, in northeast China’s Shandong province, trained Mengmeng the giraffe to avoid the obstacles so they could move her to her new home. The route from the wildlife park’s new grounds included more than 20 low bridges, electricity pylons and motorway signs.

“There was no way to get to the new zoo without getting under low-slung obstacles so we taught Mengmeng how to duck,” explained zookeeper Shing Hu. “That’s pretty hard when your neck is that long.”

Trainers had spent months teaching 15-year-old Mengmeng to duck when she saw low obstacles in a specially built pen at her old zoo.


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