ABTA TC2012: Inexperience pushes youths to travel agents

ABTA TC2012: Inexperience pushes youths to travel agents

Young people are more likely to book through a travel agent than previously thought, according to ABTA.

The association made the claim after its consumer research found that people in the 15-24 and 25-34 age groups are taking more holidays but often feel inexperienced so turn to an expert.

“Younger people often do not know what holidays are available or unsure about where to go and handle their budget,” explained Victoria Bacon, head of communication at ABTA. “It is surprising that they want this rather than online although many use a mixture of internet and travel agent research before booking.”

While younger consumers are more likely to change their mind about a holiday destination or type (85% amongst 15-24), ABTA found the market is more likely to book in advance and look for deals. Generally the younger traveller will take shorter trips abroad than families with 14% heading overseas to a music festival and 7% had been on a stag or hen trip in another country. 

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