Asian travellers want aircraft ‘quiet zones’

Asian travellers want aircraft ‘quiet zones’

62% of passengers would like a child-free zone
62% of passengers would like a child-free zone

The majority of travellers in the Asia Pacific would like to see child-free ‘quiet zones’ on planes, according to a new study.

A poll by travel search site Skyscanner found that 62% of air travellers in the region answered positively when asked if they thought it was fair to make the front row of an aircraft child-free. Twenty-one percent of respondents disagreed on the grounds that it was unfair to exclude families from front rows of an aircraft, while 17% said that child-free zones were unnecessary as kids were usually well-behaved.

By country, Indonesia appears to be the most intolerant, with 71% favouring quiet zones. India was the most child-friendly, with just 53% wanting childless areas and 26% saying they believed kids were generally well-behaved.

The survey polled almost 5,000 air passengers in India, Indonesia, Korean and the Philippines. It follows a similar study conducted by Skyscanner in the UK, which also found demand for quiet zones in aircraft.

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