Travelport launches GalileoTerminal in Asia

Travelport launches GalileoTerminal in Asia

Travelport has launched a new mobile solution for travel agents in the Asia Pacific region.

Known as GalileoTerminal, the web-based solution offers agents full access to both the Galileo and Apollo GDS platforms via their PC, laptop or tablet devices. This includes the ability to make flight bookings, reservations, fare quoting and the re-issuing or refunding of tickets.

GalileoTerminal will initially be available to customers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia from November 2012 with further deployment across the region planned in 2013.

“Travelport recognises that as technology evolves, travel agents need the flexibility to operate from multiple devices. GalileoTerminal delivers the tools necessary for agents to service their clients efficiently via the internet from their desktop, laptop or tablet device using a standard internet browser,” said Chua Hui-Wan, Travelport’s Senior Regional Director for Asia Pacific.

“Whether agents are ‘on the road’ or working from home, they can now log in to search and book flights, quote fares, issue tickets and perform many other business-critical functions which they previously needed to be in the office to handle.  In turn, this enables them to offer superior customer service,” Chua added.

GalileoTerminal operates on most internet browsers, the iPad, and will soon support Android and Galaxy devices soon. The new solution is being showcased at this week’s ITB Asia in Singapore.

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