DGCA suspends Kingfisher permit

DGCA suspends Kingfisher permit

Directorate General of Civil Aviation has suspended the scheduled operator’s permit of Kingfisher Airlines.

The permit has been suspended with effect from 20 October 2012 till such time the airline submits a concrete and a reliable revival plan ensuring safe, efficient and sustainable scheduled air transport services to the DGCA’s satisfaction.

The regulator decided to suspend the airline’s permit after examining the carrier’s reply received on 19 October to the show cause notice served on them by the DGCA dated 5 October 2012. The reply was not found satisfactory.

DGCA has suspended Kingfisher Airlines flying permit

In an official statement released by the PIB, DGCA has observed that Kingfisher Airlines has not addressed any of the issues raised by the DGCA during the meeting held with the Airline on 2 October as well as in the points raised in the show cause notice.  “They were asked to submit their operational preparedness plan for resumption of flight operations.  Instead, they have sought more time to file a reply to the show cause notice not indicating any time frame for submitting the detailed response; therefore, the request could not be acceded to by the DGCA,” the release said.

Kingfisher clarifies DGCA suspension

Responding to the suspension order received by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the airline clarified that this is not a cancellation but a temporary suspension which is valid only till such time that we submit a concrete and a reliable revival plan to DGCA’s satisfaction.

“While this order is being examined, we would like to bring to your notice that the actual position has not changed because of this order. We have in any case always maintained that once the issues with the employees are resolved, we will first present our resumption plan to DGCA for review, before resuming operations,” the airline said.

“The airline had suspended operations and closed forward bookings till 6 November 2012. The management has already earlier communicated to all stakeholders this very position. We are now immediately suspending all forward bookings till such time we resume operations,” Prakash Mirpuri, Vice President for Communications at Kingfisher Airlines said.

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