Hotelbeds post over 20% growth in global sales

Hotelbeds post over 20% growth in global sales

Carlos Muñoz, managing director, Hotelbeds,
Carlos Muñoz, managing director, Hotelbeds

Hotelbeds has witnessed over 20% growth in its sales for 2013. The company shared further forecasts for 2013 which included a Euro 1.8 billion forecast in sales for 2013. The portal boasts 60,000 hotels and had 1.5 bn online accommodation searches per month.

MEAPAC (Middle East and Asia Pacific) has been deemed the fastest growing region as a destination and source market, with Thailand in top ranking. This is followed by Malaysia, which has achieved 74% growth. Philippines, Taiwan and Japan also registered triple digit growth as destinations.

Spain remains in top position in Europe.  In the Mediterranean, Greece (58%) and Tunisia (55%) are also the the fastest growing destinations in comparison with the previous year. For the Americas, the USA is the top destination for customers, with Brazil as the fastest growing destination for 2013 up 55%.

Carlos Muñoz, managing director, Hotelbeds, said: “We continue to increase our presence globally expanding in source markets and destinations of Americas, Asia and Africa. For the next years, we are focused on developing our product offering.”

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