UK scraps visa bond plan for Indians

UK scraps visa bond plan for Indians

The United Kingdom (UK) has scrapped the visa bond plan for Indian visitors.

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UK scraps GBP3,000 visa bond scheme for Indians

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the GBP3,000 visa bond scheme was never targeted at India, a day after his government scrapped the controversial scheme that was aimed at restricting visitors from some Asian and African countries.

“It was never targeted at India. It was an idea suggested within government but we decided not to go ahead with the idea…We want people from India to visit Britain,” Cameron was quoted by the Times of India. The aim of the scheme was to reduce the number of people from some ‘high risk’ countries including India, Pakistan and Nigeria – staying in the UK once their short-term visa had expired.

Welcoming the abandoning of the proposed bond scheme, the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin mentioned the need for maintaining an adequate level of people-to-people contact to provide strength and durability to ties with the UK.

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