MasterChef trips unveiled

MasterChef trips unveiled

New holidays with TV shows' winners and finalists

New holidays with TV shows' winners and finalists

MasterChef Travel will launch in November
MasterChef Travel will first depart tours in March 2014

Itinerary details of Cox & Kings’ new MasterChef Travel venture with the television brand have been announced.

After Travel Daily reported the launch of the venture earlier this year, the brand has now announced which previous winners and destinations it will be including in its trips.

Keri Moss, joint winner of ‘MasterChef: The Professionals’ in 2012 will accompany the inaugural holiday in March 2014 to Marrakech.

Moss will also be on a selection of Turkey-based holidays in September, while MasterChef UK 2011 finalist Sara Danesin Medio will join those on two different Italian tours covering the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany in October 2014.

This year’s finalist Larkin Cen will join holidaymakers on a trip to China, while Professionals 2011 winter Ah Mair will be part of a trip to Spain’s Basque Country.

Other trips include 2010 winner Dhruv Baker in India and Mexico; 2008 winner James Nathan in Vietnam and 2012 finalist Andrew Kojima in Thailand.

Discovering local food is one of the great joys of travel and doing so in the company of like-minded enthusiasts, guided by culinary experts, will give the perfect reason to broaden travelling horizons. This new partnership makes the most of Cox & Kings’ unrivalled expertise at organising the finest special interest expert-led tours worldwide, combined with our strong presence in many of the key MasterChef territories, including the UK, USA, Australia and India,” said Cox & Kings’ CEO Peter Kerkar.

Ben Liebmann, chief executive of Shine 360o added:The international provenance of our contestants’ recipes and ingredients make travel a natural extension for the brand. We are thrilled to be working with the Cox & Kings team to bring this vision to life and to the show’s millions of fans and food lovers.”

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