US travel plans hit by storm

US travel plans hit by storm

New York amongst cities on alert

New York amongst cities on alert

New York
New York is expected to be hit soon

An icy storm has disrupted travel along the USA’s east coast just as the Thanksgiving travel gets underway.

CNN warned “It’s ugly out there. And it’s only getting uglier” in its report yesterday morning in anticipation of the winds making their way to densely populated areas in the northeast today.

Last week the storms had already passed through California, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.

Storms then started on the west coast on Monday heading through Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma taking 10 deaths from trees falling and road incidents.

Parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma saw up to 12 inches of snow and several inches of rain.

Nearly 300 flights were cancelled in and out of Dallas –Fort Worth on Monday, with attention now turning to New York’s JFK and LaGuardia airports as the winds tumble further east.

Around 157 flights have been cancelled around the US including some at Newark, LaGuardia and Philadelphia.

Those hoping to get home for Thanksgiving were said to be scrambling for flights out on Tuesday morning to avoid the disruption, which saw some delays and cancellations at LaGuardia and Newark Liberty International Airport on Tuesday night.

Both New York and Boston are expected to be hit by wind and rain today, with organisers of the Macy’s Parade assessing if it can still continue with such high winds battling against the balloons.

In October 2012 Hurricane Sandy affected travel on the east coast of the USA causing 70 deaths and thousands of flights to be cancelled.

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