“We will not give up” on MH370 – Malaysian PM

“We will not give up” on MH370 – Malaysian PM

Najib Razak praises search teams as Indian Ocean focus shifts northwards

Najib Razak praises search teams as Indian Ocean focus shifts northwards

"We will not give up" - Najib Razak (photo by Rosli Othman)
“We will not give up” – Najib Razak (photo by Rosli Othman)

Malaysia’s Prime Minister has said he “will not give up” until flight MH370 has been found.

In a press briefing in Perth on Thursday, PM Najib Razak expressed his gratitude to Australia for coordinating the search effort in the Indian Ocean, and praised the courage of the investigating teams.

“This has been a remarkable effort, bringing together nations from around the world,” Najib said. “As we speak, 10 aircraft and nine ships are searching the Indian Ocean for any sign of the missing plane. The search area is vast, and the conditions are not easy. But the courage of the crews is more than equal to the task. Once again, I thank them all for what they are doing.”

The PM went on to say that he shared Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s view that MH370 was “one of the great mysteries of our time”. But Najib reiterated that the answers to this mystery will be found “in the vastness of the Indian Ocean, where MH370 awaits”.

“I know that until we find the plane, many families cannot start to grieve. I cannot imagine what they must be going through. But I can promise them that we will not give up,” the PM concluded.

Meanwhile, the search for flight MH370 has moved further north. Bloomberg reported Angus Houston, who heads Australia’s Joint Agency Coordination Centre, as saying that focus of the search has been shifted to an area of approximately 23,000km2, 1,680km northwest of Perth.

“The search area is continually adjusted,” Houston was quoted saying. “[It’s] one of the most complex operations of this nature that the world has seen.”

The original Indian Ocean search started approximately 2,500km southwest of Perth, but has been gradually moving north due to revised estimates about flight MH370’s speed and fuel consumption.

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