Emirates sponsors ‘The Last Wilderness of UAE’

Emirates sponsors ‘The Last Wilderness of UAE’

The ocean's wonder in UAE
The ocean’s wonder in UAE

In an effort to highlight the culture of UAE, Emirates recently signed up to sponsor ‘The Last Wilderness of the UAE’.

This is a documentary series that will feature UAE’s rich biodiversity. It will also provide insight into the natural adaptations that have enabled many species to survive in the Arabian Peninsula’s harsh and ever-changing habitats as well as showcase some of important conservation accomplishments.

The three part documentary will be divided to focus on the ecosystems of mountains and wadis, deserts, and seas of the UAE.

‘The Last Wilderness of the UAE’ will feature three 60 minute long films that capture the natural behavior of a wide selection of terrestrial and marine wildlife including invertebrates, mammals, fish, reptiles and birds of the UAE.

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