Egypt welcomes UNWTO’s call on lift of ban

Egypt welcomes UNWTO’s call on lift of ban

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The Egyptian minister of tourism, HE Yehia Rashed recently welcomed UNWTO’s call for lifting of any unnecessary bans on travel for tourists.

The UNWTO comments were made at the start of the UNWTO executive council meeting in Malaga Spain. This meeting marks the start of Egypt and Minister Yehia Rashed chairing the Executive Council of the UNWTO for the next 12 months and session focused on issue of security and tourism.

The UNWTO also invited the world to visit Egypt and to be positive about global tourism, especially in countries such as Egypt. The UNWTO called on the world to work to defeat terrorism so that tourism can develop. It also said that the global tourism movement is a cornerstone for both international economic and human development.

The Egyptian minister of tourism, Yehia Rashed said: “I call upon all those countries who currently possess flight restrictions to consider the UNWTO’s request positively. The support of such an influential United Nations body inviting the world to Egypt marks the start of a great opportunity for Egyptian tourism.”

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