Jetstar launches automates check-in experience

Jetstar launches automates check-in experience

Jetstar has announced the launch of its 100 per cent automated passenger check-in experience, having completed the roll-out of an SMS boarding pass and self-service kiosks across every domestic airport in Australia and New Zealand.

The web check-in, check-in kiosks and SMS boarding passes will be an optional service for all passengers in Australia and New Zealand, with the traditional check-in counters remaining available.

Jetstar Group CEO, Bruce Buchanan said Jetstar had invested in the new self-service technologies in an effort to improve the airport experience, boost on-time performance, and achieve cost efficiencies.

“The airport experience is rapidly changing, and in an era of more frequent, low fares travel, our customers are seeking more speed, control and ease when flying,” Buchanan said.

“The full implementation of our self service initiatives is anticipated to boost uptake of self-service options closer to 100 per cent across our network. Delivering a 100 per cent self service platform will enable more of our Customer Service team at airports to focus on the customer.

“Our new SMS boarding passes, kiosks and automated check-in options are delivering practical and innovative solutions that will add greater control and save time at increasingly busy airports,” he added.

Passengers with bags can scan their SMS boarding pass at a Jetstar self-service kiosk in the check-in area, collect their boarding pass, bag-tags and drop their bags at the bag drop and board their flight. Customers without bags can bypass the check-in area and go straight to their boarding gate.

Buchanan said the technology was different from the mobile solutions of other airlines and is a world-first because it is universally compatible with almost all mobile phones, not just high-end WAP or internet enabled handsets.

“Jetstar’s SMS boarding pass technology is accessible to virtually anyone with a mobile phone when flying within Australia or within New Zealand,” he said. “If your mobile phone can receive a text message, no matter the type of handset or plan, then you can use our SMS boarding pass technology”.

Jetstar developed the SMS technology in conjunction with Melbourne-based Sissit Group.

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